Our Data Center


  • Telepoint is Tier 3+ Carrier Neutral Data Center located in the heart of Sofia on a cross-road of many Bulgarian and International telecom networks.
  • The datacenter provides 24x7 on-site customer support and system monitoring. The customers have 24x7 access to their colocated equipment.
  • Telepoint is ISO:9001 Quality Management System and ISO:27001 Information Security System certified.
  • When the downtime is not an option, the fully redundant Data Center Telepoint is the perfect place to collocate the critical for the operability of your business servers and related hardware.


  • Tower Server/Desktop PC
  • Unit(s) in shared Rack
  • ¼ Private Rack
  • ½ Private Rack
  • Private Rack(s)
  • Footprint(s)
  • Private Cage(s)
  • Private Suite(s)
  • Antenna(s) field/Roof-top equipment colocation

Technical Parameters

  • Redundant fiber optic connections with diverse physical paths
  • Diverse cable entries and Meet Me Rooms (MMRs)
  • Independent and alternative telecom and fiber providers
  • Additional security with lockable Racks and Cages
  • Redundant support systems
  • Completely independent (N+1) A and B UPS 220V AC power feeds
  • Completely independent (N+1) A and B 48V DC with starting configuration of 600Amps for each
  • A and B alternative Diesel Generators
  • VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus
  • FM200 – fire extinguishing agent
  • Redundant (N+1) Air Conditioning System with hot-and-cold row configuration
  • Individually accounted power consumption
  • Leak Detection System
  • Security with access control points and video monitoring?
  • Raised flooring
  • 24x7x365 on-site MSC
  • 24x7x365 customer access
  • 24x7x365 Hands and Eyes Services
  • 24x7x365 physical security

Security Policy

TELEPOINT is carrier neutral colocation center, providing a high level of information security. The customers benefit from the infrastructure, thereby reducing operational costs and eliminating the investment expenditures for colocatin facility to host their equipment. The redundancy of the datacenter, the quality control and the information security systems alow for 99.999% continuity of the services. To be able to protect sensitive information of our customers, we apply a number of means of physical protection and access control, which include 24/7 duty engineers, armed guards and constant surveillance of all areas. All working Telepoint were selected after a very thorough investigation in a major competition (1:1000), constantly developing their professionalism, ethical values and work habits with advanced training under constant control. Telepoint applies constant measures to ensure continued compliance and enforcement of applicable international standards, directives and legal requirements. Moreover, we have a voluntary registration in the Electronic Communications Committee. Thus we show the manner of European business ethics. Putting the customers at the foucs of our attention, we are intolerant to risk. We manage over 94% of all identified risks, we have taken the necessary safeguards, ensuring accessibility and confidentiality. Our goal is to be the first in the colocation business by constant introduction of new and advanced technologies and improvement of the management system with new and more effective safeguards. This is the understanding of our investors. This is the understanding of all of us. Thus we build confidence in all our customers for a high-grade services and competitive pricing. Your business is on a safer place with Telepoint.

Data center "DataPro" (Moscow)

In Moscow we offer colocation and lease of servers at data processing center of Synterra - one of the best data centers in Russia.

Synterra data center is located at Michurinsky Prospekt 27/5, Moscow, Russia.

This hi tech data processing center has been built in accordance with the international requirements of TIA-942 standard and Tier III category.

A four-level security system completely eliminates unauthorized access into the territory of the data center. The territory of Data Processing Center and entrance are guarded 24/7 by professional security personnel. In addition, the data processing center is monitored by CCTV. It is impossible to enter the data center without a pass. The security of server equipment is increased due to use of closed racks, equipped with all that is necessary for faultless operation of servers.


The highest level of disaster resistance is achieved by means of a combination of a number of innovative solutions. The system of uninterrupted power supply is one of such factors; the availability of standby sources of uninterrupted power supply for emergencies allows the equipment collocated in the data center to operate autonomously for 30 minutes. The standby generator can function for ten hours without refueling.

Innovative climate control systems with air conditioning and combined extraction and input ventilation operating at "N+1" level (Necessary + 1 standby) allow for maintenance of the temperature mode required for normal operation of the equipment.

The system that monitors harmful gases in the air allows for timely detection of emergencies and their efficient elimination..

Environmentally friendly inert gas is used for fire extinguishing.

The server equipment collocated in the data center is under 24/7 monitoring of qualified engineers on duty of BlueAngelHost Company. Our engineers are ready to come to your assistance in case of emergencies: setup, replacement or reloading of server equipment, and technical consultation.

With your equipment at Data Processing Center of Synterra you can rest assured that your web applications, information systems, data bases and other resources are going to stably function 24/7.

Access to the Internet is via the central node of national communication provider Synterra.

Since Synterra has its own trunk-line structured communication channels, it provides a reliable and high speed data exchange in the network and good connectivity both in Russia and all over the world.

Collocation of a server in the data center includes a whole complex of additional services that allow for the maintenance of stable operation of the equipment and the expansion of opportunities for work.

If you decide to lease a server, we can provide both standard and individual offers on its configuration.